Research - David M. Frankel

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Work In Progress

"How to Sell Equity if You Must."

"Managerial Entrenchment, Stakeholders, and Capital Structure." (With May Li.)

"Mechanism Design with an Informed Principal: Extensions and Generalizations" (with Peter DeMarzo).

Published and Forthcoming Work

"Portfolio Liquidity and Security Design with Private Information." (with Peter DeMarzo and Yu Jin). Review of Financial Studies 34:5841–5885 (2021).

"Efficient Ex-Ante Stabilization of Firms." Journal of Economic Theory 170:112-144 (2017).

"Securitization and Lending Competition" (with Yu Jin). Review of Economic Studies 82: 1383-1408 (2015).

"Recurrent Crises in Global Games." Journal of Mathematical Economics 48:309-321 (2012).

"Measuring School Segregation." Oscar Volij and David Frankel. Lead article in Journal of Economic Theory 146:1-38 (2011).

"Adaptive Expectations and Stock Market Crashes." International Economic Review 49:595-619 (2008). Appendix.

"Shocks and Business Cycles." David Frankel and Krzysztof Burdzy. Advances in Theoretical Economics v. 5 iss. 1 paper no. 2 (2005).

Equilibrium Selection in Global Games with Strategic Complementarities." David Frankel, Stephen Morris, and Ady Pauzner. Lead article in Journal of Economic Theory 108:1-44 (2003).

"Expectations and the Timing of Neighborhood Change." David Frankel and Ady Pauzner. Journal of Urban Economics 51:295-314 (2002).

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"Resolving Indeterminacy in Dynamic Settings: The Role of Shocks." David Frankel and Ady Pauzner. Quarterly Journal of Economics 115:283-304 (2000).

"A Pecuniary Reason for Income Mixing." Journal of Urban Economics 44:158-169 (1998).

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The State of Working America: 1990-1991 Edition. David Frankel and Lawrence Mishel. New York and London: Sharpe, 1991.

"Class, Social Networks, and Labour Party Support in Great Britain." Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 10:345-364 (1991).